Permanent and long-term residents needing sponsorship

We often help animals in need that, for whatever reason, stay with us long-term or cannot be rehomed.  As a rescue who prides itself on helping any animal if we can, this can sometimes mean that cats and dogs stay in permanent foster homes or at the cattery in Debenham.  However, this usually means they have complex medical needs that can become expensive over time.

If you, or a local company you know, would like to sponsor their food or vet bills we’d be very grateful as would our furry friends.

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Below are our current animals in need.

** BOBBY **

Bobby is one of our permanent residents requiring sponsorship. Due to his past he is very anxious around new people. His anxiety comes out through biting. Whilst Bobby has improved we feel he will never fully settle into someone’s home without still being a bite risk.

Bobby is a gorgeous boy who is very misunderstood. Fortunately he can live with us forever and will always know what a warm sofa feels like, even if he has to stay with staff forever. Over the years Bobby has built an amazing bond with our staff, who love caring for him.

Whilst Bobby will always be in our care his training will continue and he will always be happy and healthy, without the worry of what ifs if he did bite again. Bobby is looking for sponsorship to help towards his food, care and vet costs.

Could you sponsor our special boy?

** WALLY **

Breed: Lurcher

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Can live with children: No

Can live with dogs: No, but can have dog friends on a walk

Can live with cats: no

Extra requirements: Needs a very experienced home

This handsome lad is a 4 year old Lurcher who has been in our care since he was 10 months old.

Wally is a very energetic and enthusiastic lad who is looking for a home that want an active and adventurous dog!

Wally has been with us for quite some time and has come so so far in his journey. Wally loves a fuss and would play with his toys all day, although does settle after a good walk and play. Wally is such an intelligent boy and would thrive being in a home that is active with owners who want to do lots with him.

Wally for the most part is a very good boy who is well mannered and after some initial hyperness settles well.

Wally has had a troubled past and unfortunately this will always be part of his life. Wally does have an extensive bite history, although this is very sporadic. Wally isn’t for the faint hearted and needs a very experienced home where we can visit regularly and help with training. Wally is loving in most aspects however does not like to be grabbed or pulled around. He struggles with being told what to do and is manhandled does become a bite risk.

Wally wants to be involved in everything and anything, he is very inquisitive. He loves attention and loves to play, although sometimes needs to be reminded not to get too hyper!. He does like to curl up on his bed after play and be near his humans, if you’re lucky enough he’ll even lay next to you for a cuddle!!

Wally does have some issues with dogs in the home and prefers to be the only dog in the home. Wally does not like cats. Wally will resource guard against animals in the home (he is fine with people) so would like a home with no visiting pets.

Wally has come on so well with his training that he will happily leave things and drop his toys, he is even getting better at walking to heel and walking to heel off lead (although this still needs a bit of work). Wally is much happier to be led away from exciting things especially when treats are involved! Wally is very food and toy motivated and a very quick learner.

Wally was crate trained in his previous home and slept well in the crate overnight with no issues; however would he happy to have a room to himself Instead! He can be left for a couple of hours, he is normally left in his crate with a chew or restricted to only one room in the house.

Wally is a giant puppy at heart and loves to goof around. He is a very clever boy who thrives at trick training and even enjoys running and a bit of agility!

Wally thrives when he is given the opportunity to use his brain.

Despite his previous problems he is a very playful happy boy, and loves to play with other dogs especially our other lurcher!! He absolutely loves playing with our Kennel staff and enjoys a good game of tug. Currently Wally’s favourite thing is to have a good digging session or to run around with his favourite toy.

Wally is looking for a home with owners who have dog experience and want to continue training with him. He could have dog friends however would prefer to live alone.

Could you offer wally a loving home? His adoption fee is £400.

Breed: Springer Spaniel Cross Standard Poodle
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Can live with children: No
Can live with dogs: No but can have calm doggy friends
Can live with cats: no
Extra requirements: needs an experienced home.

Brandy is a 2 year old Sproodle. Unfortunately he is one of the many victims of being a lockdown puppy. Brandy has been poorly socialised and whilst he absolutely loves people out and about he does have a few issues.

Brandy loves a cuddle and will throw himself at everyone especially when out on a walk. Unfortunately in the home Brandy does struggle. Brandy came to us due to resource guarding however has hugely improved since being in our care. Whilst there is still work to be done with his guarding he will now let you have the toy he is playing with it approached slowly, he is quite happy to trade his ball for a tasty treat!

Due to his poor upbringing when he feels threatened he will growl and if pushed may bite. His triggers are mainly around being spooked whilst he is sleeping or being pulled around to much.

Brandy absolutely loves a fuss and will leap around for attention. He isn’t keen on being cuddled or have to much fuss and has growled when he is uncomfortable as a warning to stop.

Brandy is an amazing boy who just needs the right home with owners who can work with his trust issues and guarding problems.

Brandy is looking for an adult only home with no other pets although he could have calm doggy playfriends. He is looking for an owner who has experience with resource guarding and someone who is happy to continue the training currently in place.

Could you offer Brandy a calm experienced home?

** DRACO **