Permanent Residents Requiring Sponsorship

We often help animals in need that, for whatever reason, cannot be rehomed.  As a rescue who prides itself on helping any animal if we can, this can sometimes mean that cats and dogs stay in permanent foster homes or at the cattery in Debenham.  However, this usually means they have complex medical needs that can become expensive over time.

If you, or a local company you know, would like to sponsor their food or vet bills we’d be very grateful as would our furry friends.

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Below are our current animals in need.

** BOBBY **

Bobby is one of our permanent residents requiring sponsorship. Due to his past he is very anxious around new people. His anxiety comes out through biting. Whilst Bobby has improved we feel he will never fully settle into someone’s home without still being a bite risk.

Bobby is a gorgeous boy who is very misunderstood. Fortunately he can live with us forever and will always know what a warm sofa feels like, even if he has to stay with staff forever. Over the years Bobby has built an amazing bond with our staff, who love caring for him.

Whilst Bobby will always be in our care his training will continue and he will always be happy and healthy, without the worry of what ifs if he did bite again. Bobby is looking for sponsorship to help towards his food, care and vet costs.

Could you sponsor our special boy?