Dogs Needing Homes


All our dogs require a minimum of 2 meets, some may need more so we can go over their training needs to make sure you and the dog are comfortable and the most suitable match.

Updated 10/04/2024

** WALLY **

Breed: Lurcher

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years

Can live with children: 16+

Can live with dogs: No, but can have dog friends on a walk

Can live with cats: no

Extra requirements: needs an active home

This handsome lad is a 2 year old Lurcher who has been in our care for a while now.

Wally is a very energetic and enthusiastic young boy who is looking for a home that want an active and adventurous dog!

Wally has been with us for quite some time and has come so so far in his journey. Wally loves a fuss and would play with his toys all day, although does settle after a good walk and play. Wally is such an intelligent boy and would thrive being in a home that is active with owners who want to do lots with him.

Wally is the shining star at the kennels and has become a firm favourite, he is playful and loving and wants nothing more than to spend time with his humans playing a game or having some fuss.

Wally has had a troubled past and unfortunately does have a bite history (something we will discuss with potential adopters), however has not bitten in a very long time!! He is an excitable lad who can be a bit silly on walks but settles on the walk quickly. He does sometimes forget himself and tries to leap around to go and see other people or dogs. Wally can get overexcited and jump up and on a rare occasion mouth around new people, however this is very rare now.

Wally wants to be involved in everything and anything, he is very inquisitive. He loves attention and loves to play, although sometimes needs to be reminded not to get too hyper!. He does like to curl up on his bed after play and be near his humans, if you’re lucky enough he’ll even lay next to you for a cuddle!!

Wally does have some issues with dogs in the home and prefers to be the only dog in the home. Wally does not like cats.

Wally has come on so well with his training that he will happily leave things and drop his toys, he is even getting better at walking to heel and walking to heel off lead (although this still needs a bit of work). Wally is much happier to be led away from exciting things especially when treats are involved! Wally is very food and toy motivated and is now very happy to be handled and will even let you cut his nails!

Wally was crate trained in his previous home and slept well in the crate overnight with no issues; however would he happy to have a room to himself Instead! He can be left for a couple of hours, he is normally left in his crate with a chew or restricted to only one room in the house.

Wally is a giant puppy at heart and loves to goof around. He is a very clever boy who thrives at trick training and even enjoys running and a bit of agility!

Wally thrives when he is given the opportunity to use his brain.

Despite his previous problems he is a very playful happy boy, and loves to play with other dogs especially our other lurcher!! He absolutely loves playing with our Kennel staff and enjoys a good game of tug. Currently Wally’s favourite thing is to have a good digging session or to run around with his favourite toy.

Wally is looking for a home with owners who have dog experience and want to continue training with him. He could have dog friends however would prefer to live alone.

Could you offer wally a loving home?


Age: 2 years

Breed: Malinois cross lurcher

Gender: Male

Can live with children: No

Can live with dogs: no but could have dog friends if properly introduced

Can live with cats: no

Chester is a 3-year-old Mali cross lurcher. He is chipped and snipped and is ready to find his forever home.

Chester is an absolute love bug who is so desperate for attention, he loves to play and loves a good cuddle. This boy is all legs and excitement and does sometimes jump when overexcited but soon calms down. He knows to sit down if he wants attention and will often roll over for a belly rub.

Chester absolutely loves a walk and would happily spend all day exploring the countryside. He loves a good sniff. Chester walks well on a slip lead however can become overexcited and pull, he gets frustrated when he can’t say hello to another dog and will bark in frustration, but will calm down with a firm handler.

Chester needs a home with owners who have a lot of time to keep him entertained and who want to do lots of walks or activities such as agility or trick training. In his downtime he loves nothing more than to spread out and have a nap. When he wants a tickle he will lean against you and even sit on your feet waiting for a cuddle.

He is looking for a home that can keep him physically and mentally stimulated and allow him to have the attention he craves. When bored he can become destructive and needs help learning how to settle down. That being said he settles a lot faster after he’s had a walk or play! He settles best in his crate, this helps when he gets overwhelmed and needs some down time.

He can be left for a few hours and is used to sleeping and being left in his crate.

Chester has so much love to give and just craves attention from his humans. He is desperate to meet adopters who can love him and help tame his wild side!

Could you offer Chester a loving active home?


Age: 7 years

Breed: Foxhound

Gender: Male

Can live with dogs: female only

Can live with cats: no

Can live with children: 16+

Stanley is a stunning Foxhound. He is 7 years old and is looking for a home in the countryside. Stanley is chipped and neutered and ready to find his forever home.

Stanley is an absolute cuddle monster who loves being around people. He loves snuggling up on the sofa and having fun with his humans. Stanley is a very playful boy and does not act his age. He loves a good play and run round the garden.

Stan absolutely loves spending time in the garden and going on nice long walks. He pulls a little but overall walks well on the lead. He cannot come off lead due to his lack of recall.

Stanley is looking for a home away from busy roads as he doesn’t like all the noise. In true Foxhound style he will bark when he hears loud noises outside.

Stanley gets on really well with female dogs and would be very happy to live with one. He is ok on walks with neutered boys but doesn’t want to live with one. He does not like intact males in his space.

Stanley does have some issues around his feet. Unfortunately Stanley had to have one of his toes amputated and this has left him very protective of his feet. He does need to be muzzled when having his feet touched, due to the pain of his toe before amputation he is very defensive of it being touched. Apart from his feet Stan is very happy for attention and physical contact.

Could you offer this beautiful boy a loving home?

** ARTHUR **

Breed: Malinois

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Can live with children: 14+ dog savvy

Can live with cats: No

Can live dogs: female of a similar size

Arthur is a stunning 3 and a half year old Mali. He will be vaccinated, neutered and chipped before going home. Arthur is small for his breed but a very well rounded boy

Arthur is an absolute sweetie who loves everyone he meets. He enjoys walking and is well trained. He is happy to walk with other dogs and could live with a female dog. He could live with sensible children 14+ but would like a cat free and male dog free home, although will happily have male dog friends!

Arthur is such a well rounded dog. He is calm, playful and a pleasure to be around. Being a Malinois he needs an active home with someone who not only wants to do long walks but also wants to do more with him such as agility, obedience training, scent work ect.

He could be left for a few hours with this building up slowly.

Arthur is an absolutely wonderful boy. He needs a home with 6ft fencing or higher.

Could you offer this fabulous boy an active home?

** HARLEY **

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Can live with children: 14+ quiet calm children

Can live with cats: No

Can live dogs: an older calm female

Harley is a wonderful boy who is looking for a nice quiet retirement home. He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Harley is very well trained and has completed many courses with his previous owner including scent work.

After a disagreement with the dog he lived with it became clear Harley wanted his own space and has become less tolerate of bouncy dogs in his older years. Whilst he isn’t keen on living with another male dog or smaller dogs he could live with a calm placid female dog pending positive meet and greets.

He also has lived on and off with 5 children and again would be seen to want to take himself off for space. Because of this he is looking for a quieter life, he would rather live with children 14+ if they are calm around him or in an adult only home.

He will have a bark at strange dogs on walks but quickly settles with them to continue the walk. He has made friends with one of our staffs female dogs who he enjoys walking with.

Harley travels well, and he loves meeting people out and about.

Harleys only real issue is greeting strangers at the front door. For this reason he must be put behind a babygate untill the person is in the house.

He has strong family loyalty instincts like many German shepherd’s do

We will.go into more detail during the inquiry stage.

Harley loves water and being busy. He absolutely loves scent work but equally enjoys a nice nap!

His ideal home would be a person or persons with previous Gsd experience to give Harley a nice quiet but fun home.

Harley does not want to live with cats or small animals

And although we’ve seen him brilliant with dogs outside the home he would only want to live with an older calm female dog pending a good meet and greet and home trial.

Could you give Harley a loving forever home?

** NALA **

Nala is recieving ongoing care for her ears. This will continued to be covered by ourselves so new adopters must be able to bring her to our vets in Debenham when needed. She will have ongoing care for at least a few months which we will discuss with new owners.

Age: 5 years

Breed: Sharpei

Gender: Female

Can live with dogs: no, but can have dog friends

Can live with cats: no

Can live with children: no

Nala is a stunning Sharpei who came into our care needing a lot of tlc. Nala has had multiple vet trips to help sort her health out. She has ongoing ear problems which are massively improving. She will be chipped, neutered and vaccinated before going home.

Nala is looking for a quiet home with someone who knows the breed. She is a little aloof with strangers however warms up to people quite quickly, she’s more likely to ignore you than run for attention until she knows you then she is a love bug!

Nala absolutely loves a cuddle. She is a very cuddly happy girl once she knows you. She loves her walks and exploring. She is very foody and loves to sniff out treats on her snuffle mat, and then lay on it! She is a bed and sofa hog so if you want a fluffy teddy bear she is the dog for you!

Nala can be nervous of dogs she doesn’t know and would like a pet free household.

However when introduced slowly She quite enjoys having a dog to walk with. She would like an adult only home as she loves to be the centre of attention and would like a calmer household whilst undergoing vet treatment.

Nala is fully housetrained, is non destructive and will happily be left, you’ll come home to the lazy girl snoring on the sofa! She is quite happy to go in the car and is very calm and quiet when travelling.

Nala loves going to the enclosed field however in an open space her recall is poor and needs work. If they aren’t in her face Nala is quite happy to have dog friends when introduced correctly.

Could you offer this wrinkly beauty a loving home?