About Us

Having previously been part of a national charity for several years, Jayne Roberts became disillusioned by the politics, lack of back up and being dictated as to what breeds she could take in.  The decision was made that if enough money was raised, Jayne would set up alone, be answerable only to herself, enabling her to make the best decisions in the name of animal welfare. This was accomplished and Suffolk Animal Rescue (SAR) was formed in 1997.

Suffolk Animal Rescue’s ethos is to help any dogs that need help regardless of whether or not they are ‘easy’ breeds or types to rehome.  Many organisations do not take in feral cats because they are not ‘cost effective’ and require time and rehabilitation. Suffolk Animal Rescue specialises in feral cats because they need our help the most and we believe that once tamed, they will reward you tenfold with love and affection.

SAR has a cattery in Debenham run by Jayne, with a smaller overflow facility with Andrea in Ipswich. We have used many different kennel facilities over the years but were blessed when we found Mary and Ted at Primrose Hill kennels in Hemingstone. They are definitely the best and are unbelievably generous towards our rescue dogs – they are a huge asset to SAR.

Suffolk Animal Rescue’s first charity shop was over Queensway in Ipswich and we have had several moves since then. The current shop has been on Felixstowe Rd, also in Ipswich, since May 2002. It may be small but it does a roaring trade and greatly contributes towards SAR’s food and vet bills.